New DreesRelease Stories Weekly!

We are pleased to announce that for the first time in 7 years we’re introducing an all-new DreesRelease!

In 2012, DreesRelease transitioned to becoming a blog after having been a traditional quarterly newsletter mailed to employees’ homes. This change made the distribution of our internal news stories more modern and accessible. Moving DreesRelease online also made it possible to share our company news monthly rather than quarterly and saved us the expense of printing and mailing newsletters.

Much like the shift needed in 2012, 2019 brings with it the urge to modernize how we experience DreesRelease.

Beginning in February, there will be no more once per month releases. Instead, DreesRelease will be updated on a rolling basis so that everyone will have real-time insights to what’s happening at Drees. Each Friday employees will receive a recap email on any stories published that week. If there are no new stories there will be no Friday email.

We’re excited about this prompt way of sharing our internal news. Though, we’re even more excited about having an all-new look for

February 8th will be the first weekly DreesRelease recap to your inbox. Be on the lookout for that!

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