May ACE Winner Announced

Our ACE winner for the month of June is Marketing Communications Specialist Jake Hibberd. Congratulations to Jake and thanks to Corporate Director of Sales Marla Telfair for submitting the nomination.

Honorable mentions include:

  • Amber Moore for single-handedly taking on the challenge of cleaning and organizing the WDC server room and taking all broken/obsolete equipment to the landfill for disposal.
  • Barrett Mickle for being not only professional, but also empathetic to a homeowner’s situation when taking care of outstanding items during their home orientation.
  • Asad Rana for understanding a homeowner’s concerns and being so fast and efficient with resolving post-closing items.
  • Adam Howells for being a person of high integrity, being honest and never promising something he couldn’t provide.
  • Ryan Pace for being reachable, responsive, helpful and providing outstanding customer service.


We invite you to recognize great work by your fellow colleagues. To submit an ACE nomination, click here.

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