A Father and Son Duo Builds Success in Raleigh

Land Acquisition Manager Dale Scott has been working for the Raleigh division for several years, serving the company in different capacities. Before stepping into his current Land role, he was a Builder. Recently, Dale had an opportunity to celebrate a special milestone. His son Garrett joined the Drees team earlier this year and just completed his first build. It just so happens that his son’s first completed home is right next to last one he completed as a Builder (pictured below.)

When talking about his son working for the same employer, Dale shared, “I absolutely love having him here! I am so grateful he is working under Construction Manager Ryan Briggs. It makes me feel good knowing he will learn how to build homes the right way and with integrity.”

Once a week, Dale and Garrett meet for lunch to discuss how their week is going and to bounce ideas off each other. Dale added, “I love how he takes pride in his work and accepts the challenge of building quality homes for his customers. I couldn’t be prouder of him!”

Garrett shared, “Being at the same company as my dad is a very cool feeling. He has always been a role model to me, and I have always looked up to him in everything he does.” He noted his dad is always willing to give advice and offer encouragement. In closing, Garrett added, “Joining Drees was a very easy decision for me. Knowing just how much my dad enjoyed working here, I knew that I too would be set up for success.”

We look forward to continuing to watch the success of the Scott duo as they help build up the Raleigh division.

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